3Lit (Living Life. Loving it) is a blog dedicated to those def details and dots that will make living on this planet a more interesting and rewarding experience.

Postings are just about anything you can imagine from exercise, kick-ass tips that will make your life rock to economic/politics bric-a-bracs especially those pertaining to NAIJA. The pith is to give you stellar ideas to make you Love the Life you Live. The postings will be in the following categories:

  • That Posh Look: This category is about anything you can imagine to make you look classy – from eating right, weight loss, fashion freebies, stuff for moms to look chic, exercise tips to health issues and other new discoveries. Love the life you live.
  • Opinion: musings on happenings around town and the world at large…. from politics, economics, fashion and social life, to health care, latest technology buzz and so on…
  • Achievers Nest: Here you find cool stuff on how to get to the next level– motivational quotes, book summaries, job announcements, educational related tips (IT, school, universities ratings etc) and even interviews.
  • God Kind of Life: God Kind of Life (GKOL). As a christian, I can’t do this without letting you know who I am in Christ Jesus. He is in the centre of everything I do. He is the reason! This category is focused on living a Godly life!
  • Everything Else: Everything else uncatergorized would be found in this category.

Commenting on this blog is expected. Voice your opinion and state your remarks – agree, disagree, like, and critique.  What’s more? Just spill the truth out.

Welcome to 3Lit.


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