Posted by: stbideas | December 22, 2009

Basic Keyboard Navigation Skills in Windows

Some Keyboard shortcuts that you may find useful in Windows environment.

Windows key (or Ctrl Esc) Opens the start menu (same as clicking the start menu)
Windows + E Opens My Computer (saves you time and the sometimes the stress of holding the mouse while you are typing on the keyboard)
Windows + F Opens the Search Window (this is surely fast)
Windows + Pause/Break Opens the system properties window (useful when you want to stop an unresponsive application)
Windows + D Shows the desktop (very useful when you have several applications opened)
The Arrow Keys To move between items in the active area
Tab Key To move between fields or controls
Alt + Tab To move between active applications
Shit + Tab To move backwards through tabs
Ctrl + Tab To move forward through tabs
Alt + F4 Closes an active application

Open the shutdown window dialog box when know application is running or active

Ctrl + F4 Closes the active document but not the application.
Alt + D Moves the focus to the address bar. This works in Windows Explorer and your Web Browsers


  1. Helpful list. I always forget the Windows + D as I usually have too many windows open.

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