Posted by: stbideas | September 16, 2009

The Garlic Miracle

The Garlic Miracle

The Garlic Miracle

I hated garlic. I am disgusted by the smell of it. I have a couple of friends who feel the same way. I don’t know about you. What I do know now is that garlic is very good for the health.

Today, I discovered the many wonders of Garlic. Garlic is the miracle food we all hate. No, at least some of us, (to say that would translate to committing the fallacy of hasty generalization). Garlic has the capabilities of protecting the heart, and the body against cancers and other fungal and microbial infections like Candida.

I read that when garlic extract were injected into some

mice with Candida infections, after the first day, Candida colonies numbered 400, compared with 3,500 among the mice given only a salt-water solution. After two days, amazingly, the garlic treated mice were free of Candida. (Read original story here)

So, friends let’s start Garlicing. It’s good for your health. If you hate the odour so much, get the natural garlic powder and add it to your cooking or get Garlic tablets for a more structured plan.



  1. I have been eating Garlic for long, it is good, but u have to cope with the odour when u sweat, so i eat it at night bofore bed time

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